Meet our team

The Flexpipe team is like a breath of fresh air in the material handling industry. Our team is composed of young and motivated people as well as a few very experienced veterans of this industry.

We want to offer you the best of both worlds with an energetic and refreshing customer service while at the same time making sure we can answer your most difficult questions without any problems. Our team has grown since the first day, but most employees who were there back then are still with us today. We take good care of our employees because we know that they will take good care of you in return.

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Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
J-P Funny
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Valérie normal
Valérie funny
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Mélina normal
mélina funny
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist

Brandon is a dependable assembler who always meets his commitments. He is a good-natured team member and has a strong work ethic. An avid sports enthusiast, Brandon was once a skateboard champ!

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Karine Karine
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist

Gabriel joined our assembly team in 2018. Handy by nature, he worked in agricultural production for more than 13 years. His thoroughness and curiosity make him an asset to the team. He loves to spend time outside with his family and has a great sense of humor.

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Picking Orders Preparation Clerk
josh corpo
josh funky

Joshua joined the Flexpipe team in 2020 as an assembler. He is an avid cyclist and spends his weekends on his bike and fishing. What he loves most about Flexpipe is the family spirit.

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
nicolas normal
nicolas funny

Nicolas, an assembler at Flexpipe since 2021, has been hunting and fishing for many years. Formerly in the food business, he still puts his culinary skills to good use by occasionally making his own homemade sausages – to the delight of his colleagues!

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist

Alex first began working as an assembler in 2010, when Flexpipe was just a start-up. Nowadays, he carries out his duties at our customers’ facilities. A construction worker by trade, Alex is handy and learns quickly.

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist

Jean-Rock is the first assembler specialist recruited by Flexpipe following the company’s expansion in 2011. He works at the main plant in addition to several of our customers’ facilities. With over 30 years of experience in a variety of fields, Jean-Rock is an important asset to the team. Not only has he done general welding and woodworking, but he has also driven a taxi, owned a grocery store, been a cook… among others. Talk about a diversified career!

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Flexpipe Assembler Specialist
Keven corpo
Keven funky

An avid hockey fan and player, Keven joined the Flexpipe team in the spring of 2021 as an assembler. On the ice and at work, Keven always aspires to be the best teammate he can be.

Flexpipe Assembler Specialist

Stephanie is responsible for order picking and preparation. When she joined Flexpipe in 2017, she oversaw order packing and delivery. Always displaying a sunny disposition; Stephanie’s good mood is contagious!

Picking Orders Preparation Clerk

Yves is Flexpipe’s plant manager–and one of our first employees! He played a significant part in improving our production and delivery processes. He’s also a fan of running and desserts.

Yves Provost
Production Supervisor

Anne-Gabrielle has a communications background, she joined the team in 2017. Always keen on learning something new, she has discovered a passion for continuous improvement. As Anne-Gabrielle enjoys rallying people together, she values team spirit in professional and social settings.

Anne-Gabrielle Bonneau
Planner / Buyer
Xavier Beaucage
Project manager

Mick studied building drafting and worked alongside engineers before joining the Flexpipe team in 2015 as an assembler. He is very thorough and multi-skilled; Mick is an key player in our group.

Mickaël Beaudoin
Flexpipe Design Drafting Technician

Jon is a structure designer and one of the first drafters trained by Flexpipe. From 2012 to 2014, he carried out assembly work in our 2 warehouses located in Farnham and Toronto. Jon is a valuable asset to our team thanks to his versatility and deep commitment to projects.

Jonathan Home
Flexpipe Design Drafting Technician
Jenny funny
Jenny Lamoureux
Customer Care Service

Sofia has acquired substantial sales and customer service experience here in Canada and her native Sweden. Sofia is trilingual, perpetually in a good time, and takes care of customer service for our American customers with Sierra.

Sofia Labrosse
Customer Care Agent
Marie-soleil normal
Marie-soleil funny

Marie-Soleil is head of the customer service at Flexpipe and primarily takes care of our Canadian customers. She joined the team in 2013 and was the only woman on board! True to her Italian roots, being part of a tightly knit family is very important to her. It took no time at all for her to make her mark within the company.

Marie-Soleil Milton
Customer Care Manager

Kim has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry: buyer, inside sales coordinator and now logistics supervisor at Flexpipe. Her ability to adapt to any situation is a definite asset to the team. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her family.

Kim Ouellet
Logistic supervisor
Derek Jacob

Derek is the Project Manager for the Western United States. As a Hockey and swimming coach, he is passionate about sports and challenges. Prior to joining the Flexpipe team, he worked for several years designing and selling accessories and clothing for men and women. His experience and dedication make him an excellent reference for our clients and the entire Flexpipe team.

Derek Jacob
Regional Sales Manager - Western USA (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY)

Daniel is the project manager for southern US. His has acquired vast knowledge about adaptable structures and previously worked in the stainless steel shelving sector. Dan joined the team seeking new challenges to further his career achievements.

Dan Cloutier
Regional Sales Manager - South USA (KY, TN, NC, SC, MS, AL, GA, FL)

Shelly joined Flexpipe in Feb 2022 as the Project Manager for Northeast US. She has 27-year experience as a Director of Production and Sourcing manager for an accessories company. She strives to be the best mom she can be and loves to spend time with her family. Her motto is “A smile is the only thing in life that is free”

Shelly Jacob
Regional Sales Manager - Northeast USA (VA, WV, PA, NY, ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC)
Laurence Levert-Charbonneau
Regional Sales Manager - Québec, West Canada & Maritimes

Temie is a Flexpipe project manager covering the US Midwest and Western Canada. He joined our team in 2014 and has a deep commitment to all his undertakings. What’s more, he is now one of Flexpipe’s three partners.

Temie Fessa
Regional Sales Manager - Midwest USA & Ontario (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI, ON)

Simon has been a Project Manager for Ontario and Western Canada since October 2019. Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and modular systems. He started his career in modular furniture design and is now a key member of our sales team. A fan of curling and various sports, he never misses an opportunity to move and he particularly likes to chew his brains out to solve his clients’ problems.

Simon Lejour
Project Manager - Ontario & Western Canada

Rémi has been project manager for Quebec’s North Shore region for over 3 years. He discovered the Flexpipe system through an internship opportunity at one of our customers’ facilities. He studied mechanical engineering, and his hobbies include playing the tight head prop position in rugby. He’s now managing the continuous improvement to monitor and improve organizational processes with the aim of making them as efficient as possible.

Remi Boquien
Manager - Engineering and Design

Sergiu joined us in February 2020, arrived at the beginning of the pandemic he managed to pull us out of delicate situations with our inventory, a nice addition to the Flexpipe team that came at the right time! He is responsible for the supply chain, but also helps with logistics. Sergiu has had many experiences in large corporations, from operations manager to computer programmer analyst. He is also passionate about travel, literature and mountain biking!

Sergiu Antoniuc
Supply Chain Manager

Jonatan has been part of the Flexpipe team since 2018. He started in packaging, moved through assembly, and is now part of the marketing team as a junior webmaster.

Webmaster Junior

Esteban has assembled more than 250 Flexpipe structures. He is a woodworker by trade who built his house from the ground up! Originally from Costa Rica, Esteban grew up in Florida where he studied industrial design. Esteban speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently and he has garnered work experience in several countries.

Esteban Solano
Webinar, Design & Assembly Specialist

Caroline joined the team in 2019 in the marketing department. Coming from the media milieu, it brings an experience that varies from the lean universe, but yet so compatible. She has worked for Microsoft, Bell and La Presse. She loves to travel and has lived in France, Germany and British Columbia. She loves discovering new places to pay. She dedicates her weekends, by bike or on foot, she is always ready for a new adventure.

Caroline St-Germain
Marketing & Sales Strategist
eric normal
eric special

Éric has been the Head of Marketing since 2020. Equipped with these 20 years of experience in digital marketing and business management he adds real values to the team and a new point of view. Éric is a man who is always looking to go beyond and learn new things, he is also passionate about craft beers and agrotourism.

Eric Collard
Marketing Director
Michaël Vaillancourt
Michaël Vaillancourt
Michaël Vaillancourt
Digital Acquisition Specialist
Diane Julien
Accounting Technician
Eric Cousineau
Accounting Technician
Manilyn photo
Manilyn funny
Manilyn Rom
Accounting Clerk
Marie-Pier Chassé
Marie-Pier Chassé
Marie-Pier Chassé
Web designer and integrator
Marie-pier funny
Marie-Pier Pelletier
Accounting Technician

Karl is one of our long-standing employees since 2011. As chief accountant, he takes care of numerous tasks, the foremost of which is being the company’s financial comptroller. His finance and accounting expertise are used to ensure Flexpipe’s growth and continuity.

Karl-Philip Letourneau
Financial Controller

Ian is the head of the department and of the production team since 2020. He has 20 years of experience in the plant manufacturing environment, half of it as an employee and the other half in production management. Ian is also a sports lover, winter or summer, he practices them all and his family is his priority.

Ian Fournel-Vézina
Plant Manager

Benjamin has been in charge of operations since June 2017. Loving a challenge, Benjamin prioritizes efficiency and continuous improvement. He banks on his expertise in supply chain and flow management to help Flexpipe reach its objectives.

Benjamin Ricard
Chief Operating Officer & International Sales Manager

Sylvain is Flexpipe’s Director of Sales and co-founded the company. It’s through his work in the engineering field that he discovered lean manufacturing principles in 2002. He set out to seek out new challenges and expand Flexpipe’s offering. According to him, Flexpipe consists of tubes, joint connectors, and creativity!

Sylvain Lejour
Chief Project Officer

Julien is Flexpipe’s president and co-founder. He came upon lean manufacturing in 2006 and launched Flexpipe in 2010. His mission since then has been to introduce the modular system to new markets by making it affordable and accessible.

Julien Depelteau
Chief Sales Officer & President
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